One of the original 90s New York City club kids, this Jamaican queen considers her drag to be “living art.” Well known in the New York City straight club scene, she considers herself an “ambassador of drag”.

I saw your live performances a couple of times and I can say for sure every stage was too small for you… during your performance you are mostly on the dance floor with people.

My dance style is energy; it’s what I use to draw in the crowd. I am not formally trained, but, in my day, you didn’t have to go to college to spend $60,000+ to learn theater to perform as a queen. You either had it or you don’t and it is the ones who came before you who would let you know when they think you are ready to take the stage.

Remember when you appeared with Ornacia on your head for the first time on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 6… Did you know back then that this will become so popular?

Darling, all my costumes are popular. Why? Because they are not the same as other people who do drag. Drag is about being unique, not being a cookie cutter or a carbon copy.

drag-race-44-vivacious-mother-has-arrivedDon’t you think, that at some point Ornacia had outshone Vivacious in season 6 of RPDR?

Doesn’t matter who outshines who, at the end of the day Оrnacia’s paycheck comes to mutha!!! =)

Seeing your performances, it is safe to say that you’re not a “wig” queen. You prefer wearing hats, costumes… what’s wrong with wigs?

Wigs are the limited prisoner on one’s head darling. I can’t speak for many queens but wigs are a trap. In them, you can only move a certain way. I am bald. There is no mooring to hold down a wig on my head. I dance and do African and a few other styles where I dance away from my center of my body. If I was wearing a wig, it would fly off. When I commit to a move, I do it with full intensity. A wig cannot contain the full sheer intensity of my movements. Now I’m sure you’ll say I’ve seen queens whip their head before, but, look closely, that’s a queen with hair on her head and she has used glue pins and God knows what to hold it down. At the end of the day her head is in pain, ask her, she’ll tell you these pins are killing her or she tied her head too tight in duct tape and now has a headache. To me wigs are limiting. You can’t do that much with them. I wear my costumes, they don’t wear me. When I take to the stage, I’m here to let go, to release the fierce creature trapped inside me.

What qualities should a drag queen have to win the RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Uniqueness, knowledge of the past and I do not want to hear ‘oh that was before my time.’ Darling you have no excuse, that’s a tired line. Make some effort to know what came before you. The ability to turn a show from start to stop. I believe in energy queens, the girls who can turn tornadoes, and even if I’m not fierce as them due to getting older I aim for that light. No one remembers a boring queen nor will she become legendary over time.

vivacious-gig6-2_FotorHow would you describe your life before and after the RuPaul’s Drag Race?

I was already known way before the show. The house music world is extremely huge and global. And the show has now opened me to the gay side of the club scene. Did I mention I only used to work in straight clubs? I believe we have to educate straight people on tolerance to gays and to do so you have to be visible in their environment using yourself as that platform to teach through actions

Do you keep in touch with other contestants?

I hit them up here and there. I always do me. I don’t necessarily worry about what others are doing. We all each have lives to live. I hit up my sisters Kelly Mantle and Jaidynn Fierce all the time. Send hugs and kisses to Delta and Morgan Mayhem. Those are my girls.

You called yourself the last original “club kid” in New York city… Did this help your career today in any way?

Sweetie, let’s clear the air before we go any further. Way before RuPaul’s Drag Race I have been traveling around the planet and country with my costumes and working with many DJs as their hostess. Before RPDR the only queens who used to travel the country were transsexuals who ran the roost as title holders of competition and pageants. They were no local drag girls traveling that much. There were however many from NYC who were known overseas as staples. RPDR ushered in an era of local drag girls now getting recognition as performers in other states and countries. I have been traveling many years before RPDR and will continue to do so.

Viviacious2-Spike--(1)Comparing nightlife nowadays and 10, 20 years ago, what tendency do you see?

Get off the cell phone, close your eyes and enjoy the music. Let it flow through your soul. Let the words in the music speak to your heart. Let it help guide how you live your life. Back then clubs were more creative.

What was your favorite thing back then in the “club kids” times?

Hearing a real artist sing a house track, a track that was long over 7 minutes or more, hearing a real producer put emotions in a song and convey them to the crowd, club designers who dug deep and created some of the most lavish environment that made you feel like you were always in Xanadu.

Besides the drag queen career, you’re also a DJ. How did that happened?

I started DJ’ing more than 15 years ago. Adding to my entity as a performer, I do not believe you should only be able to do one thing, you should add to what you do to increase your entity. I so went out and bought equipment and started to train my ear to beat match 2 recorders over the other and learn how to ride the two. Many hours in the DJ booth learning this craft, I waited 7 years until I was very good at it before I went out to get my first gig.

What music do you play?

House music, Top 40 Dance, Disco and House

vivacious-gig5-2_FotorAssuming that Vivacious is probably having a crazy schedule this year…

Check my posting for said dates. I’m currently looking for a new booking manager, seems they are very hard to find.

You moved to the US from Jamaica at the age of 9… Have you ever been back since then?


Jamaica has been described by some human rights organizations as the most homophobic country in the world…

That country is built on shaming others to keep order. In order to rise above that you as an individual have to see the flaw in their design and pay them no mind in order to not have your internal light destroyed. Jamaicans are hardcore religious zealots and even the ones who aren’t if they can take advantage an idea to get away with a crime they will use it as validation for their actions. They are homophobic, because they just are; they do not like things that are new to them. They invented narrow mindedness and stubbornness. Jamaicans are not open to change.

Did you know that sexual acts between men are punishable with up to ten years imprisonment, when at the same time sex between women is legal in Jamaica?

No one ever said Jamaica can see with a clear vision or an even one.

And my last question. Andy Warhol once said: “Everybody has a different idea of love.” One girl I know said, “I knew he loved me when he didn’t come in my mouth”. What’s your idea of love?

“Love may not come when you want it to, but it’s always right on time” Barbara Tucker.