Two 7ft disco-goblins that have taken Scandinavia and soon the rest of the world by storm. Duo RAW is what happens when two creative forces collide and get engaged to each other.

First of all, I was surprised to find out that you guys live in Sweden, though you are a big hit on American social media and in the gay community… How did you get into the American drag scene?

Yes we are proud Sweds. 😉 We don’t really know how that happened but we guess Americans have exquisite taste haha. Joking aside, we think the club and drag scene is much bigger and popular in the US than in Europe right now, and they appreciate it more as an occupation. Americans have a great attitude and like to push talent forward instead of fighting it, and we like that.

However, it’s no surprise that Sweden has a lot of extremely talented artists…What’s your favorite Swedish artist or musician?

We must agree, Sweds are kickass in music making. We love Robyn, Teddybears Stockholm, Maskinen, The Knife. There are too many to remember them all… We are currently working on several new songs with our producer Ebesohn, we will be going back to the darker sound of “Pony”  but mixing it up with some Swedish electro. We are still trying to find our own sound music vise, but we are getting there.



Photo: Joakim Palm Karlsson (SWE)

Photo: Joakim Palm Karlsson (SWE)

You make all of your costumes by yourselves. How long does it take to create a full concept?

Yes, we make everything. Our hands are constantly bleeding, haha. But we love to do it. The length of every project depends on the concept. Sometimes it takes a week, sometimes a month. The most elaborate one so far is the rhinestone/stud nightmare we wore to Life Ball (Vienna) and to the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK – Drag Ambassador party in London. If you see pics of that please note that every stone and stud is sown on by hand…And they weigh a ton. We come up with the concepts as we go along but always stay true to the details that makes it “DuoRAW” like narrow waist, shoulders, maks, and so on.

What is your favorite one so far?

The favorite is always the latest project, We have made a collaboration with Swedish underwear brand “Bjorn Borg” now for Stockholm Pride, can’t wait to wear it for the first time.

How many costumes do you have in total?

Oh…don’t know actually! Maybe 45…and counting…

Many of your costumes are massive and probably take a lot of room to store. Do you have enough room to store all of them?

We are managing keeping them for now, as long as you are organized it works. We have started to make them “easy to travel” now, so they can be picked apart into smaller pieces. But we might have to rent a storage soon…

What was your most uncomfortable costume?

The golden/silver stud outfit we wear in the “Hunger” music video… Handsdown. It was made the old way (BB=before brain), and the structure is very uncomfortable…but it looks awesome so we love it anyway.

Photo: Patrik Olsson (SWE)

Photo: Patrik Olsson (SWE)

As I know, you are engaged. Do you have any plans for your wedding?

Yes we are! We have been trying to plan for a wedding but have not had the time yet. With constant touring and just finishing our bachelor degrees…but hopefully soon it will happen.

Did you think about your wedding costumes? What would they be?

Costumes for the wedding no idea…Sorry to burst any bubbles out there but I think that it would be simple suits that are fucking expensive and makes our butts look awesome. =)

How would you describe the wedding of your dreams?

Andreas (Mrs RAW):  A full on Disney fantasy; being lowered from the ceiling, covered in rhinestones, and feathers with swans, unicorns, leprechauns and every fantasy animal you can imagine. A full orchestra & 3 days of party…and so on and on and on…

Ronny (Mr RAW): Town hall with family and then travel the world for a year.

What has come first: your romantic relationship or your artistic duo? How did you meet each other?

We met online 6 years ago, so the relationship came first. And DuoRAW followed 3 years later.

Photo: Joakim Palm Karlsson (SWE)

Photo: Joakim Palm Karlsson (SWE)

You guys probably spend if not 24/7, a lot of time together. What would you say about living and working together?

Yes, we spend a lot of time together. And that is the core of our relationship and why it is so strong. We have had to work on it a lot, but once the balance is there it works. The most important thing is to separate your personal life and your “work”. But sometimes it’s hard, specially when we are stressed out by a project or just time management.

How often do you fight because of work?

Haha, often. We are both Alfa-Alfa so we butt heads a lot. FFF… Fight, forgive & fuck…

Are you planning to take a part in RuPaul Drag Queens Race casting? What do you think about this show?

No, we don’t plan. But we love the show and are friends with many of the contestants. We share the same opinion of many performers about drag race, it is entertaining and fun to watch and it has opened the doors for drag as a more mainstream art form than before, and we all can benefit from that. But very important to remember is that it represents a particular type of drag, not all sorts by far. There are so many interesting artists and performers out there around the world, and if you are a true drag enthusiast you should really seek them out and get to know their work. Start with our drag sister Boom Boom and go from there. Expand your mind.

What’s your favorite song to lip-sync?

We don’t lip-sync to other music than our own… Shocker? This may be news for a lot of people. We tried to do traditional drag in the beginning of our career, but decided to go our own way. We do performances to other music when we do performance art and more artsy things, but then it’s mostly hard house/classic, but never lip-sync.

Photo: Joakim Palm Karlsson (SWE)

Photo: Joakim Palm Karlsson (SWE)

How did you choose the name for your duo?

Duo= we are 2 people.

RAW= Ronny, Andreas & Willberg (Ronnys surname that we will take when we get married) It’s as simple as that. =)

You have two dogs. Did they recognize you when they saw you in drag for the first time? =)

Haha, yes of course. They are a bit afraid of Mrs.RAW but then again everyone should be. =)