“A Man To Pet is pretty much unusual character, now if you like to put me in a frame of freak or drag queen you choose because above all this why A Man To Pet is a Free Spirit.”

A Man To Pet

“I like to play with words so is a combination of my favorite group, favorite artist, favorite gender, favorite activity, mix with my baptism name and my family surname. But in the end of the day I am just a man who likes your petting.”
A Man To Pet 2
“Most costumes are dragged or given from friends or found then I put it together.”

A Man To Pet 4“People can expect from my show low budget, high hopes.” =)

A Man To Pet 6
“I am ageless I only have moments, I don’t see clothes as a gender definition as the most people on the planet do. So when I wear clothes like a dress, trousers, shoes or whatever I just have a moment and a feeling.”

Photos by David Kimelman