Name: bastien
Instagram: @Tbr_75
# of followers: 21,3k
City: Paris, France
Occupation: art director / web designer

How did you become popular on Instagram?

Maybe some articles on the web. But I really don’t know.
Bastien Treiber 5How does your typical day look like?

A normal day just like everyone else’s, I wake up, go to work and have fun with my friends in bars of Paris.
Bastien Treiber 6How many times did you hear “Oh, I saw you on Instagram”?

Not as much as you might think, maybe 2 or 3 times!
Bastien Treiber
What does it mean to you to be popular on Instagram?

It’s like a revenge for me. I was not very popular in school.
Bastien Treiber 4When you were a little boy, what did you dream about?

I wanted to become a doctor.