Making your morning cup of coffee just got a whole lot sexier thanks to Tom of Finland.

Finnish artist Tom of Finland (real name Touko Laaksonen) drew over 3,500 pictures of men before his death in 1991. What made those drawings significant, however, was not the mass quantity of them but their content: all those men were either naked or barely covered up. And this was just after the rise of a distinctive gay culture following WWII.
Coffee breaks with Tom of Finland 3
A new range of coffee packets will feature some of the tamer of the risqué drawings by Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen.

The company will release both ground coffee and whole beans.

The packets of the coffee will feature one of four different illustrations of the male subjects of Laaksonen’s art.

Coffee breaks with Tom of Finland 2
The Robert Paulig Roastery will be selling the art-covered packets, and the blends will be named ‘Built Bold’ and ‘Heavy Duty’.

“Coffee in Finland is almost sacred and in selecting a coffee it is easy to get stick with safe and familiar products. We encourage everyone to make coffee an adventure and to take tom’s men along for the ride,” says Juhani Oranen, the CEO of Robert Paulig Roastery.