Name: Sam Morris
Instagram: @justsammorris
# of followers: 43.7K
City: London, UK
Occupation: Bohemian

How did you become popular on Instagram?

I used to dabble in music, and so my initial following came from that. Then I used my Instagram as a diary. I guess people kinda got connected to my journey, and wanted to see what happened next.
Sam Morris 3
How does your typical day look like?

It varies. I do so many different things, and for so long I’ve not let anything define me. Some days I’m running a casting. Some days I’m in the casting. Some days I’m writing, drawing or photographing. In the evenings I go to acting school. The rest is just selfies.
Sam Morris 2

How many times did you hear “Oh, I saw you on Instagram”?

A few times. Mainly in the gay areas of London, New York, LA & San Francisco. I’ve been recognised at least once in all of those places. I’m very shy in reality, so these kind of encounters are a bit nerve wracking for me, but it is nice to connect with the people who I share so much with.
Sam MorrisWhat does it mean to you to be popular on Instagram?

It means I have a place to share my story. Whether it’s the good or bad stuff, I know someone will be listening, and that’s a comforting feeling.
Sam Morris 5When you were a little boy, what did you dream about?

That I’d be different from everyone else.