Drag Queen Name: Ari Ola
Real Name: Josh Ploof
Years on stage: 3
City: Providence, Rhode Island

How would you describe your character?

The best way to describe Ari Ola is “A republican senator’s daughter, who hates her politician father and became a sugar baby who does and says whatever she wants.” She’s a give no fucks bad girl who looks like a Barbie doll but has a heart of gold.
Ari Ola 4How did you choose your drag name?

When I was younger, like 10, my favorite movie was Not Another Teen Movie and the foreign exchange student in that movie’s name is Areola. So I was discussing drag names with my friend who did drag, and we decided to use that name, but tweak it a bit. My drag name is technically pronounced “Are-ee Ola” but a lot of times people pronounce it straight up “Areola”

Ari Ola 5

Do you remember your first performance? What song did you lip-sync? Where?

Yes! My first performance was at The Dark Lady in Providence, Rhode Island and I performed Disturbia by Rihanna (my drag aesthetic when I first started was very gothic and spooky, huge leap from me now) and it was an amateur show and they always chose the best girl of the amateur show to book them for a paid Saturday spot. It was against like 7 or 8 other girls who had performed there before, but after I performed, they asked me on the spot to do a Saturday spot for them and that’s when I think I kind of got addicted to drag and performing haha.

Ari OlaWhat’s the most difficult thing about being a Drag Queen?

The most difficult thing I can say about being a drag queen is the scheduling and lack of free time you have. In addition to drag, I work a 40 hour a week job and it sucks when I can’t get off of work so I have to cancel or not accept a gig and there’s times when I’m so exhausted from the night before I’m barely productive of my day job and on my days off, I’m either performing or preparing drag things for my next gig. But, I can’t really complain because I absolutely love it haha.

Ari Ola 2

Do you have any beauty tips?

The best beauty tips I can give are MOISTURIZE and PRIME. Always keep your face moisturized, find a really great daily moisturizer that works for your skin. And when doing your makeup, prime EVERYTHING. Prime your face before putting foundation on it, I use a super cheap one from NYX and also prime your eyes before putting on eyeshadow, again NYX makes a really great eye primer too.

Other than that, learn YOUR face and what works for YOU. Tutorials are great to watch to learn the basics, but once you have the skills down, look at your face and see what shapes and techniques work for your bone structure, and where you should highlight and contour.

Ari Ola 3

When you were little, what did you dream about?

Ever since I remember I wanted to be an actor, I went to an acting summer camp when I was 17 and took acting classes when I was younger and I tried to do as many school plays as I could. Other than that, I always wanted to be a dancer, and was ALWAYS dancing when I was home alone and had a space to really move in. I think I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer and really put on a show for people and I always imagined putting on these extravagant performances for thousands of people. I guess that’s why I became a drag queen haha.