Name: George Alvin
# of followers: 53K
City: New York City/Amsterdam
Occupation: Influencer/Blogger/Model


How did you become popular on Instagram?

Good question! I’ve always been a social person, so posting things that can start a conversation helped. I started a blog just for fun, and my past really gave a push. A lot of the fans and followers are teenage girls. =)

George Alvin 3How does your typical day look like?

Each day is completely different. Sometimes I travel at days notice, or I have an impromptu photoshoot to promote a brand or product on my website. When not working on my site it usually consists of day drinking with friends, or searching soundcloud for music.

George Alvin 4How many times did you hear “Oh, I saw you on Instagram”?

Most of the time it’s usually while out in night life when people have a few drinks in them ha. I always get so shy though!

George AlvinWhat does it mean to you to be popular on Instagram?

I think of it as an asset really, a lot of my followers have supported tons of past endeavors, and are always there when I need them. There’s also a lot of younger gay followers so it kind of pushes me to be the best I can be and motivate some of them.

George Alvin 2When you were a little boy, what did you dream about?

Up until about my 16th birthday, I would always wish to have magic powers so I could fly or teleport. Unfortunately, I never got my wish ha.